S-Cell Stack – Redox Flow Battery Test Stack

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Flow battery stack with 25 cm2 active area per cell


  • Maybe the only flow battery stack product for research on the market
  • 25 cm2 active area – other areas are available on request
  • Up to 9 cells with electrodes > 1 mm
  • Individual cell voltages can be measured directly on bipolar plate material
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The design of the S-cell stack is a result of almost 10 years of know-how in the field of flow battery test cells and maybe the only research stack product on the market. It was developed for testing/optimisation of components (electrode/membranes/bipolar plates), testing of stack properties, upscaling and demonstration. I can be tested with any number of cells between 1 and 9, electrodes must be at least 1 mm thick, but can be used for any type of electrode material. Different electrode compressions can be obtained by different spacer thicknesses. Stack is supplied with hard bipolar plate materials. Design has been with focus on trade-of between minimizing pressure inside cell and keeping shunt currents low.

Some of the unique features of the S-cell Stack are

  • Any number of cells between 1 and 9
  • Any electrode thickness > 1 mm
  • Individual cell voltages can be measured on the bipolar plates

The electrolyte is only in contact with flow block (graphite), spacers (PTFE, Viton or EPDM), O-ring (Viton/EPDM), bipolar plate, electrode and membrane. The S-cell is intended for optimisation studies, but can also be used a normal flow battery test cell like the A-cell.


  • Active Area: 25cm2 (5 cm x 5 cm) – for other dimension, please make a request
  • Only works with electrodes > 1 mm
  • Body made out of Graphite – for Titanium or other materials, please make a request
  • Stainless steel end plates
  • Gold plated cobber current collectors
  • Swagelok fittings for tight connecting to  1/8” tubing – for other tube dimensions, please make a request
  • Gaskets: See materials variations and thicknesses at Gasket/Spacers
  • Comes ready-to-use as on pictures but without membranes and electrodes
  • Top-performance – With SGL carbon felt and FS950 membrane, polarisation curve gives ASR of 0.8 Ωcm2 per cell – performance is not limited by cell design but limited by electrodes/membranes


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm

S-cell stack without cells, Additional Cells in stack

Flow field & cover gasket thickness/material

Flow field & cover gasket thickness/material

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