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Inline pressure unit


Flow Cell Differential Pressure Measurement Unit
Differential Pressure Measurement Unit that can be connected to flow battery or electrolyser cell


  • Inline differential pressure measurement unit connected to flow cells
  • Comes with two pressure sensors
  • Pressure sensors also include temperature measurement

DESCRIPTION: This inline pressure unit can be connected to a flow battery or electrolyser test cell for measurement of differential pressure e.g. for determination of hydraulic resistance of electrode materials. It comes with two relative pressure sensors (0-1.0 bar, 0.5-3.5V output), inline holder unit and fittings for connecting to tubes (1/8” is standard). Pressure sensors are very corrosion resistant and have been tested extensively with various redox solutions (including standard 1.6 M vanadium solutions and 6 M KOH solutions) without failure.

Inline pressure unit can be operated in two ways (Integration possibility 1 or 2, see below). The first is to measure the pressure difference between the inlet/outlet (possibility 1) on one side OR measure the inlet pressure on both sides (possibility 2).



  • Inline pressure unit with two independent relative pressure sensors
  • Main body in polypropylene
  • Pressure sensors specs- 0 bar-1.6 bar (for other pressure ranges please make a request) analog output 0.5-3.5 V output, 1 mbar resolution – Sensor housing in contact with liquid is corrosion resistant PPS.
  • Pressure sensors also include additional temperature measurement (0.5-3.5 V output) – i.e. direct contact between temperature sensor and liquid and
  • Powered by 5 V power source (not included) – The sensors come unconnected and costumers have to do (simple) wire connections including (i) soldering of 5 V power source to the sensors (ii) connection of analog output from sensors to data acquisition equipment e.g. the AUX Unit.
  • Voltage output from pressure and temperature sensing must be connected to data acquisition equipment (not included) – We recommend to use the AUX Unit for data acquisition, in this way you get your battery data and pressure/temperature data into the same file.
  • Standard tube fittings are for 1/8” OD tube – please make a request for other diameters



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