D-Cell – Flow Battery test cell


Redox Flow Battery Test Cell

25 cm2 flow battery test cell for optimisation of carbon felt electrodes and bipolar plates


  • 25 cm2 active area
  • Geometry is similar to what is seen inside large scale stacks
  • Intended for optimisation of electrodes > 1 mm (e.g. compression ratio) and bipolar plate materials
  • Cell potential can be measured directly on bipolar plate material
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DESCRIPTION: The D-cell was developed for fast testing of optimisation of stack components, like carbon felt electrode and bipolar plate materials. Electrodes must be at least 1 mm thick, but can be used for any type of electrode material. Different compression ratios can be obtained by different spacer thicknesses. Any type of bipolar plate material can be used (both hard and soft), but cell design requires that bipolar plate material is punched with two holes for electrolyte inlet and outlet.

The electrolyte is only in contact with backplate (PVC), spacers (PP), bipolar plate, electrode and membrane. The D-cell is intended for optimisation studies, but can also be used a normal flow battery test cell like the A-cell.

One of the unique features is that the D-cell also can be connected the Differential Pressure Unit that will allow measurement of pressure loss over cell and thereby electrode permeability. Also it can be connected with Flow Through Electrode Holder for e.g. inline monitoring of pH, ORP, reference, conductivity or any other electrode. Signals from pressure sensors and electrodes can be recorded in AUX Unit, which combined form an extremely powerful tool for both optimisation studies or flow battery chemistry development.



  • Active Area: 25cm2
  • Only works with electrodes > 1 mm and bipolar plates
  • Stainless steel End Plates
  • Gold plated cobber current collectors
  • Machined PVC half cell
  • Swagelok fittings for tight connecting to  1/8” tubing
  • Gaskets: Teflon, 0.5 or 1 mm thickness
Weight 2.5 kg
Gasket material & thickness

0.1 mm PFTE, 0.25 mm PFTE, 0.5 mm PFTE, 0.5 mm VITON, 1.0 mm VITON, 1.5 mm VITON

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