8 Channel Battery Tester

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8 Channel battery tester with 0-5V range with different current ranges. Battery tester must be connected to a PC (not included).


  • Low cost battery tester – Very high value-price ratio
  • Easy-to-use software. In our opinion the best on the market
  • Up to 10 measurements per second per channel
  • Extremely high accuracy (± 0.05 % of the full scale)
  • Can be expanded with an AUX Unit that adds 8 AUX voltage channels and 8 Temperature measurement channels
  • Can also be used as programmable power source/recording unit for electrolysers


The battery tester comes with easy-to-use software where each channel can be programmed independently to run a battery testing sequence. This includes constant current charge/discharge, constant voltage charge discharge, constant resistance discharge and a number of other commands. Common use is for R&D or quality testing of battery suppliers, but can be used for any application as a programmable load/source. This includes use as power source for electrolysers or simple electrochemical testing methods like polarization curves and chronoamperometry. It records data with a frequency of to 10 Hz. The standard voltage/current range options are 5V/20 mA, 5V/50 mA, 5V/6A and 5V/12 A. But please inquire for other options if this does not fit into your needs.

The Control Unit connects between PC and battery tester(s). Also it allows buffering of data, whereby the PC can be turned off (e.g. for maintenance) while battery testing continues. The battery tester will not work without a Control Unit, but it can be connected with up to 32 battery testers.

A unique feature of the battery tester is that it can be connected with an AUX Unit that adds 8 AUX voltage channels and 8 temperature channels to your measurements.

The battery tester is versatile and is basically a programmable power source/load. For this reason it can also be used as a programmable power source for electrolyzers where only the ‘charging’ options are used.




  • 8 independent channels
  • High accuray (± 0.05 % of the full scale)
  • Min pulse width: 500 ms
  • Up to 10 Hz data record frequency
  • Adaptable to a wide range of products: cells, super-capacitors, battery modules and packs, electrolysers  etc.
  • Wide range of applications : Charge, Discharge, Pulse, Cycle-life, C-Rate, HPPC, etc


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Control Unit, Max 12A, Max 20 mA, Max 50 mA, Max 6A, Max 100 mA


Free PC software included

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