Porous Separator Sealing Gasket for X cell

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HIGHLIGTHS: Sealing gasket for for thick porous separators to prevent leaking through the separator.

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GASKET TYPE : In (alkaline) electrolysis porous separators are sometimes used. Depending on the thickness and porosity of the separators, these can leak through the side of the separator. This gasket seal around the separator and prevents possible leaking. It is recommended that the gaskets is <0.05 mm – 0.2 mm thinner than the separator.

The Separator Sealing Gasket is produced with an open area of 5.7 cm x 5.7 cm area  – see photo belowSINGLE GASKETS & PACKS OF GASKETS: Gasket can be ordered individually, however, we also offer a pack gaskets with a volume discount.

Separator Sealing Gasket Pack

  • 2 pieces – 0.1mm PTFE
  • 1 piece – 0.25 mm PTFE
  • 1 piece  – 0.5 mm PTFE
  • 1 piece – 1 mm EPDM

GENERAL: Gaskets are supplied in either PTFE, VITON or EPDM. VITON and EPDM is more flexible and will easily seal the cells, however, the minimum thickness of VITON/EPDM gaskets is 0.5 mm. PTFE gaskets are more rigid but comes in thicknesses down to 0.05 mm. Combination of several (both PTFE and Viton) gaskets can be done to ensure right electrode thickness/compression.

PTFE: Overall most corrosion resistant material and comes with thicknesses down to 0.05 mm. But rigid and less good sealing properties

VITON: Compressible that will make cell sealing easy. Redox-Flow recommends VITON (and PTFE) for Vanadium flow battery applications – please see a chemical compatibility chart of VITON for your specific application

EPDM:Compressible that will make cell sealing easy. Redox-Flow recommends EPDM (and PTFE) for alkaline conditions – please see a chemical compatibility chart of EPDM for your specific application

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.1 cm
Material & Thickness

0.1 mm PTFE, 0.25 mm PTFE, 0.5 mm PTFE, 0.5mm EPDM, 1.0 mm EPDM, Pack (5 pieces) – 2×0.1 mm PTFE – 1×0.25mm PTFE – 1×0.5mm PTFE – 1 x1mm EPDM

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