P-Cell – Photoelectrochemical laboratory test cell


Photoelectrochemical (PEC) test cell for photoelectrochemical water splitting or solar charging of flow batteries.


  • Optimized light penetration through the cell
  • -The cell is resistant to corrosive liquids
  • -Possibility for continuous flow of electrolyte
  • -The two half cells are separated by a membrane
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DESCRIPTION: The Photoelectrochemical laboratory test cell consists of a reservoir that holds the electrolyte solution wherein the two electrodes are immersed: the anode and the cathode, where one or both electrodes must be photoactive. This electrolyte container have a transparent window allowing the light to reach the photoactive electrode triggering the electrochemical reactions. The cell can easily be connected to an external electronic source/load. Moreover, this PEC cell reactor allows a continuous electrolyte feeding, besides having a great flexibility for hosting the electrodes.

Examples of results are described in this scientific publication.



  • -Active Area: 25cm2 – 100cm2
  • – PEC Cell Size: 22cm x 18cm
  • – Cell Weight: 4 kg
  • -Operation pH Range: 1-14
  • – Temperature Operation range: 5C-80C
  • – Power Radiation: < 3 sun


Technical Data Sheet (Download technical data sheet in pdf.)

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